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A capacitance of 2 𝛍F is required in an electrical circuit across a potential difference of 1.0 kV. A large number of 1 𝛍F capacitors are available which can with stand a potential difference of not more than 300 V. number of capacitors requir
  1. 2
  2. 16
  3. 24
  4. 32
A hollow pipe of length .08 m is closed at one end . At its opened and a 0.5 m long uniform string is vibrating in its second harmonic and it resonates with the fundamental frequency of the pipe . if the tension in the wire is 50 N the speed of sound
  1. 5 grm.
  2. 10 grm.
  3. 20 grm.
  4. 40 grm.
A cylindrical vessel filled with water is re- leased on a fixed inclined surface of angle θ as shown in figure. The friction coefficient of surface with vessel is 𝛍 ( < tan θ). Then the constant angle made by the surface of water with the inclin
  1. tan⁻¹ 𝛍
  2. θ - tan⁻¹ 𝛍
  3. θ + tan⁻¹ 𝛍
  4. cot⁻¹ 𝛍
In amplitude modulation, sinusoidal carrier frequency used is denoted by ω𝒸 and the signal frequency is denoted by ω𝙢. The bandwidth (Δω𝙢) of the signal is such that Δω𝙢 << ω𝒸. Which of the following frequencies is not containe
  1. ω𝙢
  2. ω𝒸
  3. ω𝙢 - ω𝒸.
  4. ω𝙢 + ω𝒸.
A Vernier callipers has 1 mm marks on the main scale. it has 20 equal on the Vernier scale which match with 16 main scale divisions. For this Vernier callipers, the least count is
  1. 0.1mm
  2. 0.2mm
  3. 0.02mm
  4. 0.05mm
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