Class XII

If a recombinant DNA carrying antibiotic resistance gene (e.g., tetracycline) is transferred into an E.coli cell, then the host cell is transformed into tetracycline resistant cell. The tetracycline resistant gene in this case is called a
  1. vector
  2. selectable marker
  3. cloning site
  4. recombinant protein.
The recessive genes located on X chromosome in humans are always
  1. lethal
  2. sublethal
  3. expressed in males
  4. expressed in females
Mutation generally produces
  1. lethal genes
  2. recessive genes
  3. polygenes
  4. dominant genes
Klinefelter’s syndrome is indicated by an XXY sex chromosome combination. This abnormality is due to:
  1. gene deletion.
  2. gene duplication.
  3. gene translocation.
  4. non-disjunction
Telomerase is an enzyme which is
  1. ribonucleoprotein
  2. RNA
  3. simple protein
  4. repetitive DNA
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