Class XII

Charge on one mole of electrons - Faraday is approximately
  1. 99500 C mol–1
  2. 96500 C mol–1
  3. 98500 C mol–1
  4. 97500 C mol–1
Galvanic or a voltaic cell converts the chemical energy liberated during a redox reaction to
  1. acoustic energy
  2. electromagnetic energy
  3. thermal energy
  4. electrical energy
According to Faraday’s Second Law of Electrolysis the amounts of different substances liberated by the same quantity of electricity passing through the electrolytic solution are proportional
  1. their chemical equivalent weights
  2. to their atomic weight
  3. to their Atomic number
  4. to their nuclear masses
How much charge is required for the reduction of 1 mol of Al3+Al3+ to Al?
  1. 6F
  2. 5F
  3. 4F
  4. 3F
According to Faraday’s First Law of ElectrolysisThe amount of chemical reaction which occurs at any electrode during electrolysis by a current is proportional to the
  1. current passed through the electrolyte
  2. voltage of electricity passed through the electrolyte
  3. quantity of electricity passed through the electrolyte
  4. quantity of electricity passed through the electrolyte
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