Class XII

Which of the following food components reach totally undigested in human stomach?
  1. Protein and Starch
  2. Starch and Fat
  3. Fat and Cellulose
  4. Starch and Cellulose
In vertebrates lacteals are found in
  1. ileum
  2. oesophagus
  3. ear
  4. ischium
Vitamin C (abscorbic Acid) helps in preventing
  1. rickets
  2. pellagara
  3. night blindness
  4. scurvy
An alga which can be employed as food for human being is _______.
  1. Ulothrix
  2. Spirogyra
  3. Chlorella
  4. Polysiphonia
Carrier ions like Na⁺ facilitate the absorption of which of the following substances:
  1. glucouse and fatty acids
  2. amino acids and glucouse
  3. glycerol and fatty acids
  4. fructose and some amino acids
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