Class XI

The excess water collected in the form of droplets around special openings of veins near tip of leaves is called as
  1. Transpiration
  2. Guttation
  3. Bleeding
  4. Oozation
When separated by a semipermeable membrane, water enters the sugar solution. What would you call the sugar solution
  1. Osmotically active
  2. Osmotic inactive
  3. Osmotically reactive
  4. Less osmotic
The instrument used for measuring rate of transpiration is
  1. Manometer
  2. Porometer
  3. Potometer
  4. Osmometer
When water moves out of the cell and the cell membrane of a plant cell shrinks away from its cell is called
  1. Cytoplasmic streaming
  2. Plasmolysis
  3. Isotonic
  4. Plasmodesmata
During symplastic movements, the water travels through
  1. cell wall
  2. cytoplasm
  3. organelles
  4. vascular tissue
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