Class XI

Two categories of animals on the basis of red blood are
  1. Animate and inanimate
  2. Enaima and Anaima
  3. Leucocytes and erythrocytes
  4. Erythrocytes and Thrombocytes
The three domains system do not includes
  1. Viral Domain
  2. Archaea Domain
  3. Eukara Domain
  4. Bacteria Domain
Which possess acellular structure?
  1. Bacterium
  2. Bacteriophage
  3. Fungi
  4. Diatom
Which is NOT the characteristic of viroids?
  1. The RNA of the viroid has low molecular weight
  2. It caused potato spindle tuber disease
  3. It is smaller than virus
  4. It has a protein coaT
Fusion of protoplasm between to motile or non-motile gamete is called
  1. Plasmogamy
  2. Heterogamy
  3. Homogamy
  4. Karyogamy
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