Class XI

Among photoreceptors cones are responsible for bright light vision and they also : i. give colour vision because they contain 3 different pigments. ii. pigments are sensitive to red,green and yellow lights. iii. pigments are sensitive to red,green and blue lights. iv. individual cone cell contains all the three pigments in it.
  1. only statement i), iii) and iv) are correct.
  2. only statement i) and iv) are correct.
  3. only statement i), ii) and iv) are correct.
  4. only statement i) and iii) are correct.
A region on retina of human eye which is free from rods and cones is :
  1. optic nerves
  2. black spot
  3. fovea
  4. yellow spot
Blood vessels are found to be present in which region of eye?
  1. Pupil
  2. blind spot
  3. Choroid
  4. cornea
Part of brain that acts as relay centre to receive and transmit general sensations except smell :
  1. Midbrain
  2. Hypothalamus
  3. Thalamus
  4. Epithalamus
The correctly matched pair is :
  1. Cats →→ binocular vision
  2. Sharks →→ colour vision
  3. Crayfishes→→ monochrome vision
  4. Birds →→ both nocturnal and diurnal vision
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