Class XI

Which of the following is not a part ofcoxal bone?
  1. ilium
  2. ischium
  3. Acromion
  4. pubis
A meromyosin molecule doesn’t contain :
  1. head
  2. tail
  3. arm
  4. trunk
Match the following : vertebra a) Cervical b) Coccyx c) Thoracic d) Lumbar No.of bones feature i) 5 ii) 4 iii)12 iv) 7
  1. a)-i, b)-iii, c)-iv, d)-ii
  2. a)-iv, b)-ii, c)-i, d)-iii
  3. a)-ii, b)-iii, c)-i, d)-iv
  4. a)-iv, b)-ii, c)-iii, d)-ii
Actin filaments are found in all eukaryotic cells but reportedly absent in :
  1. fish sperms
  2. human sperms
  3. Camel sperms
  4. nematode sperms
Which of the following statements is/are incorrect about sliding filament theory of muscle contraction?
  1. during contraction Z lines come closer to together.
  2. both A & B
  3. during contraction width of I and A bands remain the same.
  4. during contraction width of H zone decreases.
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