Class XI

In the process of obtaining pure de-mineralised water is passed initially through cation exchange, This makes the water
  1. remain unchanged
  2. neutral
  3. basic
  4. acidic
The three isotopes of hydrogen in terms of chemical properties show one of the following properties
  1. difference is in their rates of reactions
  2. same rates of reactions because of the same enthalpy of bond dissociation
  3. same rates of reactions because of the same electronic configuration
  4. same rates of reactions because of the same mass
Calgon is used in
  1. cation exchange process
  2. Causes hardness of water
  3. anion exchange process
  4. removing permanent hardness of water
Dihydrogen reacts with dioxygen to form water. The reaction is.
  1. slightly endothermic
  2. highly endothermic
  3. occurs at room temperature
  4. highly exothermic
In the earth’s atmosphere, hydrogen exists in the form of
  1. deuterium
  2. In the combined form with other elements and compounds
  3. protium
  4. tritium
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