Class XI

That part of alimentary canal which is responsible for absorption of water, simple sugars and alcohol :
  1. Small intestine
  2. Large intestine
  3. Stomach
  4. Mouth
Blood vessels of alimentary canal : i. provide nourishment to the cells of alimentary canal. ii. absorb digested fat molecules from stomach and intestine.
  1. Statement i) is wrong and ii) is correct.
  2. Statement i) is correct and ii) is wrong.
  3. both are correct
  4. both are wrong
Read the following statements : i. Opening of hepato-pancreatic duct into jejunum is guarded by Sphincter of Oddi. ii. Duodenum receives bile-pancreatic duct.
  1. both are correct
  2. Statement ii) is correct and i) is wrong
  3. both are wrong
  4. Statement ii) is wrong and i) is correct
All are digestive glands except :
  1. Thyroid gland
  2. Salivary gland
  3. Liver
  4. Pancreas
Match the cells and their secretions: Cell Type Secretion a) Goblet cell i) succusentericus b) Oxyntic cells ii) mucus c) Chief cells iii) acid d) Intestinal gland cells iv) pepsinogen
  1. a) - ii b) - i c) - iv d) - iii
  2. a) - ii b) - iii c) - iv d) - i
  3. a) - ii b) - iii c) - i d) - iv
  4. a) - iv b) - i c) - ii d) - iii
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