Class XI

Which of the following is not a mixed/composite gland?
  1. Ovary
  2. Testis
  3. Ovary
  4. Pineal
To exert their effect on the target cell, water soluble hormones will need to bind with
  1. cytosolic receptors.
  2. nuclear receptors.
  3. plasma proteins.
  4. cell membrane bound receptors.
The largest endocrine gland is
  1. Pituitary
  2. Testis
  3. Pancreas
  4. Thyroid
Secretion of aldosterone is stimulated by : i. decrease in sodium ion concentration in the plasma. ii. decrease in potassium ion concentration in the plasma. iii. decrease in the volume of blood.
  1. only i) and iii) are correct.
  2. only i) and ii) are correct.
  3. all are correct.
  4. only ii) and iii) are correct.
Tanay is diagnosed with a tumor in his parathyroid. He will show out of the following symptoms i. excretion of calcium in urine ii. osteoporosis iii. tetany iv. deposition of calcium in kidney tubules
  1. only i) and ii)
  2. only ii) and iii)
  3. only ii) and iv)
  4. only i) and iii)
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