Class XI

Plant Cytokinesis differ from animals Cytokinesis in having
  1. None of these
  2. Microfilament
  3. Cell plate
  4. Midbody
Which one proceeds reformation of nuclear envelope during M-phase of cell cycle?
  1. Formation of contractile ring and phragmoplast
  2. Formation of contractile ring and transcription
  3. Transcription from chromosomes and reassemble of nuclear lamina
  4. Decondenstion of chromosomes with appearance of nuclear lamina.
Crossing over occurs in
  1. Leptotene
  2. Pachytene
  3. Zygotene
  4. Diplotene
The mechanism of distributing centriole pairs to the daughter cells is called
  1. Haplontic division
  2. Astral division
  3. Reductional division
  4. Equational division
The complex formed by a pair of synapsed homologous chromosomes is called
  1. Chaismata
  2. Tetrad
  3. Haploid
  4. Diploid
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