Class XI

Loud snoring and labored breathing are symptoms of :
  1. bronchitis
  2. central sleep apnea
  3. peripheral sleep apnea
  4. obstructive sleep apnea
In CNS, regulation of respiratory rhythm during normal breathing is largely dependent upon :
  1. oxygen concentration
  2. oxyhemoglobin concentration
  3. RBCs in the body
  4. carbon dioxide concentration
Habit of Cigarette smoking can lead to :
  1. coughing
  2. all of the following
  3. loss of cilia lining the respiratory tract
  4. emphysema
If TLC is 5500ml, IRV is 2950ml, ERV is 900ml and TV is 500ml then what will be value of RV ?
  1. 1200ml
  2. 1150ml
  3. 2550ml
  4. 1100ml
Those bronchioles which divide into alveolar ducts are called as :
  1. Respiratory bronchioles
  2. Tertiary bronchioles
  3. Secondary bronchioles
  4. Primary bronchioles
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