Class XI

For a healthy individual, calculate stroke volume for him if other values are; heart beat per minute = 72 and cardiac output is 5 litre?
  1. 0.08
  2. 0.05
  3. 0.09
  4. 0.06
Angina pectoris is very often mistaken for :
  1. chest pain
  2. indigestion
  3. severe headache
  4. apnea
Read the following statements : i. when the heart is not pumping blood sufficient to meet the need of the body then this state is called as heart attack. ii. when the heart stops beating due to irreversible death of cells then this state is called as heart failure.
  1. both are wrong
  2. Statement i) is correct and ii) is wrong
  3. both are correct
  4. Statement i) is wrong and ii) is correct
Match the following: column A a)Waller b) Landsteiner c) de castello and Steini d) Landsteiner and Weiner column B i) rhesus antigen ii) first ECG iii) A, B and O blood group iv) AB blood group
  1. a)-iii, b)-i, c)-ii, d)-iv
  2. a)-i, b)-iii, c)-iv, d)-ii
  3. a)-iv, b)-i, c)-ii, d)-iii
  4. a)-ii, b)-iii, c)-iv, d) i
Which of the following is correctly matched?
  1. P wave = atrial relaxation
  2. P wave = atrial repolarisation
  3. QRS wave = ventricular repolarisation
  4. T wave = ventricular relaxation
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