Class X

Allama Iqbal was great poet of east, wrote many poems for children. (Which word is a proper noun?)
  1. great
  2. Allama Iqbal
  3. poet
  4. poems
She sat on seashore which were surrounded by shells. (Which word is a mass noun?)
  1. shell
  2. sat
  3. seashore
  4. she
Michael was a great singer. (Which word is predicate noun?)
  1. singer
  2. Michael
  3. was
  4. great
I like travelling to visit different places of world. (Which word is a verbal noun?)
  1. travelling
  2. visit
  3. would
  4. places
I checked all primary classrooms, no one was there. (Which word is a compound noun?)
  1. checked
  2. classrooms
  3. primary
  4. there
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