Class X

Cartilage which is less flexible because of presence of thick collagen fibers and are very tough in nature is called
  1. fibrous cartilage
  2. inelastic cartilage
  3. hyaline cartilage
  4. elastic cartilage
Joints that allow human bones to move in all directions are called
  1. fixed joints
  2. slightly moveable joints
  3. hinge joints
  4. ball-and-socket joints
Number of bones in skull are
  1. 18 bones
  2. 22 bones
  3. 25 bones
  4. 28 bones
Act of changing position or place of body parts or entire body is called
  1. movement
  2. locomotion
  3. skeletal movement
During flexion of elbow joint, muscle of
  1. bicep relaxes
  2. bicep contracts
  3. triceps relaxes
  4. triceps contracts
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