Class X

Chemicals used in endocrine gland system for communication with its effectors are classified as
  1. motor fluid
  2. regulatory fluid
  3. hormones
  4. sensory fluid
Hormone in thyroid gland which supports calcium absorption into bones from blood is called
  1. lecithin
  2. prolactin
  3. calcitonin
  4. oxytocin
Types of coordination in organisms includes
  1. bio chemical coordination
  2. nervous coordination
  3. chemical coordination
  4. both b and c
Considering chambers of cavity of eye, posterior chamber is located between
  1. pupil and iris
  2. iris and cornea
  3. retina and iris
  4. retina and cornea
Kind of mechanism in which process is regulated by output of exactly same process is called
  1. steroid mechanism
  2. lecithin mechanism
  3. epinephrine mechanism
  4. feedback mechanism
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