Class VIII

Fox wanted to eat a bunch of grapes. (Which word is a collective noun?
  1. wanted
  2. bunch of grapes
  3. fox
  4. eat
She has a new furniture, which is made of wood. (Which word is an inanimate noun?)
  1. made
  2. new
  3. wood
  4. which
They were waiting on a bus stop. (Which word is a compound noun?)
  1. waiting
  2. were
  3. they
  4. bus stop
Mrs. Akmal was an incharge at our Junior School. (Which word is a predicate noun?)
  1. school
  2. Mrs. Akmal
  3. Incharge
  4. our
Be careful, there is a hive of bees on tree. (Which word is a collective noun?)
  1. tree
  2. there
  3. hive of bees
  4. careful
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