Class VII

. Pass through which Karakoram Highway links two countries in Asia is
  1. Khunjerab Pass
  2. Himalaya Pass
  3. The Silk Pass
  4. The Trade Pass
Bullet train that has speed of 300 km/hour is being used for transport in
  1. Japan
  2. Italy
  3. Belgium
  4. England
Kind of communication in which you get ideas and information from particular source is called
  1. analogue communication
  2. directional communication
  3. one-way communication
  4. two-way communication
Navigation system which requires smaller crew for operating large ship is classified as
  1. GPS
  2. RPS
  3. BPS
  4. CPS
Train that carry as much as 600 trucks is called
  1. luxury train
  2. bullet train
  3. freight train
  4. double-stack unit train
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