Class VII

A solar eclipse occurs when
  1. Sun comes between earth and moon
  2. moon comes between earth and Sun
  3. earth comes between moon and Sun
  4. Sun is behind earth and moon
An example of conductor of heat is
  1. paper
  2. cloth
  3. air
  4. aluminum
Energy of plants, soil and Sun
  1. escape the greenhouse
  2. are trapped in greenhouse
  3. are converted to light energy in greenhouse
  4. are converted to nitrates for plants in greenhouse
Fire fighters use thermal imaging cameras to identify
  1. the distribution of fire
  2. source of fire
  3. the heat released by fire
  4. the temperature of fire
Thermos keeps
  1. liquids hot
  2. liquids cold
  3. liquids hot or cold, depending on their temperature
  4. liquids at normal temperature of surroundings
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