Class VII

A polished silvery surface is
  1. good absorber of heat
  2. good reflector of heat
  3. poor reflector of heat
  4. None of these
Bodies transmitting heat via radiation
  1. do not require any medium
  2. are liquids only
  3. make heat travels in one direction only.
  4. solids only.
Stainless steel pans are usually provided with copper bottoms. The reason for this could be that
  1. copper bottom makes the pan more durable
  2. such pans appear colourful.
  3. copper is a better conductor of heat than the stainless steel
  4. copper is easier to clean than the stainless steel.
Device used for measuring temperatures is called a
  1. Barometer
  2. Odometer
  3. Thermometer
  4. Speedometer ☛
One litre of water at 30°C is mixed with one litre of water at 50°C. Thetemperature of the mixture will be
  1. 80°C
  2. more than 50°C but less than 80°C
  3. 20°C
  4. between 30°C and 50°C
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