Class VII

Buried plants due to constant heat and pressure turn in to
  1. wood
  2. coal
  3. fertilizer
  4. oil
In non-luminous flame air holes in Bunsen burner are
  1. open
  2. close
  3. partially open
  4. partially closed
Thousands or mirrors or curved metals are used to focus solar energy on to small point to make it very hot happens in
  1. solar cells
  2. solar heater
  3. solar furnace
  4. solar battery
Fossils fuels come from remains of organisms which lived
  1. 100 years ago
  2. now days
  3. modern era
  4. new generation
An alcohol which is produced from sugarcane, corn and other plants by fermentation is called
  1. ethanol
  2. methanol
  3. propanol
  4. glycol
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