Class IX

A students caries a bag weighing 5 kg from the ground floor to his class on the first floor that is 2 m high. The work done by the boy is
  1. 1J
  2. 10J
  3. 100J
  4. 1000J
The unit of work is joule. The other physical quantity that has same unit is
  1. ) power
  2. velocity
  3. energy
  4. force
The energy possessed by an oscillating pendulum of a clock is
  1. kinetic energy
  2. potential energy
  3. restoring energy.
  4. mechanical energy
The work done is �O� if
  1. The body shows displacement in the opposite direction of the force applied.
  2. The body shows displacement in the same direction as that of the force applied
  3. The body shows a displacement in perpendicular direction to the force applied.
  4. The body masses obliquely to the direction of the force applied.
The gravitational potential energy of an object is due to
  1. its mass
  2. its acceleration due to gravity
  3. its height above the earth’s surface
  4. all of above
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