Class IX

Reflexive pronoun in sentence "We injured ourselves in cricket match, we tried to win but could not." is
  1. we
  2. but
  3. to
  4. ourselves
Indefinite pronoun in sentence "Someone called fire fighters. When a house was on fire." is
  1. someone
  2. when
  3. was
  4. on
Interrogative pronoun in sentence "What do you want? Very simple, half of your profit." is
  1. what
  2. you
  3. your
  4. do
Singular pronoun in sentence "She had to go back to home, because she forgot her bag." is
  1. she
  2. to
  3. her
  4. had
Reflexive pronoun in sentence "She said to herself why people cheat each other, is not understandable." is
  1. she
  2. herself
  3. why
  4. each other
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