Class IX

Energy pyramid is broader at base and narrower at apex, as energy
  1. increases along food chain
  2. decreases along food chain
  3. remains same along food chain
  4. may increase or decrease along food chain
With split of testa, radicle emerges and grows
  1. upwards
  2. downwards
  3. perpendicular to sunlight
  4. parallel to sunlight
Vertebral column faces the
  1. concave side of kidneys
  2. convex side of kidneys
  3. convex side of kidneys
  4. inferior side of kidney
Seeds may be
  1. endospermic
  2. non-endospermic
  3. ectospermic
  4. both A and B
Blood in pulmonary arteries is at a lower pressure than blood in aorta allowing
  1. tricuspid valve to shut
  2. bicuspid valve to shut
  3. gaseous exchange to effectively take place in lungs
  4. semi lunar valves to prevent backflow of blood
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