Class IX

The main objective(s) of Rational Dress Reform was/were to
  1. simplify dress
  2. shorten skirts
  3. abandon corsets
  4. all of these
during First World War, which dress became part of Western women’s clothing giving them greater freedom of movement:
  1. trouser
  2. skirt
  3. scarf
  4. blouse
Indian chintzes clothes were made of
  1. silk
  2. cotton
  3. velvet
  4. fur
In medieval India, headgears used to signify
  1. a fashion style statement
  2. a sign of respectability
  3. a way to protect from heat.
  4. all of these
What was the name of the American who launched loose tunics worn over ankle-length trousers?
  1. Lucy Stone
  2. Mrs Stanton
  3. Mrs Amelia Bloomer
  4. Mary Somerville
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