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When an impurity in a metal has greater affinity for oxygen and is more easily oxidises than the metal itself. Then, the metal is refined by
  1. Cupellation
  2. Distillation
  3. Zone-refining
  4. Electrolytic process
For extraction of sodium from NaCl, the electrolytic mixture NaCl + KCl + CaCl₂ is used. During extraction process, only sodium is deposited on cathode but K and Ca do not because
  1. Na is less reactive than K and Ca
  2. Na is more reactive than K and Ca
  3. NaCl is less stable than Na₃AlF₆ and CaCl₂
  4. The discharge potential of Na+ is less than that of K⁺ and Ca²⁺ ions.
Assuming that Hund's rely is violated, the bond order and magnetic nature of the diatomic molecule B₂ is
  1. 1 and diamagnetic
  2. 1 and paramagnetic
  3. 0 and diamagnetic
  4. 0 and paramagnetic
Choose the correct option using the code regarding roasting process. (I) It is the process of heating the ore in air in a reverberatory furnace to obtain the oxide. (II) It is an exothermic process. (III) It is used for the concentration of sulphi
  1. I ,II and III
  2. I ,II and IV
  3. I ,III and IV
  4. I ,II, III and IV
High purity copper metal is obtained by :
  1. Carbon reduction
  2. Thermite reduction
  3. Hydrogen reduction
  4. Electrolytic reduction
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