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I am sure they will fight tooth and nail for their rights.
  1. with all their might
  2. without any other weapon
  3. resorting to violence
  4. very cowardly
There has been bad blood between the two communities even before shouting.
  1. Impure blood
  2. Ill feeling
  3. loody fights
  4. Quarrels
The question of abolition of private property is still a moot point.
  1. undecided
  2. uncertain
  3. unknown
  4. not clear
Mohan always keeps himself to himself
  1. Is too busy
  2. Is selfish
  3. Is unsociable
  4. Does not take sides
To make clean breast of
  1. To gain prominence
  2. To praise oneself
  3. To confess without of reserve
  4. To destroy before it blooms
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