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My car broke down on way to the railway station.
  1. stopped
  2. met with an accident
  3. ran out of petrol
  4. failed to work
He was undecided. He let the grass grow under his feet.
  1. loitered around
  2. stayed out
  3. sat unmoving
  4. moved away
. Companies producing goods play to the gallery to boost their sales
  1. advertise
  2. cater to the public taste
  3. attempt to appeal to popular taste
  4. depend upon the public for approval
Do no trust a man who blows his own trumpet
  1. flatters
  2. praises others
  3. admonishes others
  4. praises himself
While the ladies continued their small talk in the drawing room, I felt bored.
  1. whispering
  2. backbiting
  3. gossip
  4. light conversation
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