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To cry wolf
  1. To listen eagerly
  2. To give false alarm
  3. To turn pale
  4. To keep off starvation
I felt that it was a tall order to expect Monisha to go home alone at twelve in the night.
  1. Difficult
  2. Too much
  3. Customary
  4. Simple
Having sold off his factory, he is now a gentleman at large.
  1. Has no serious occupation
  2. Is living comfortably
  3. Is respected by everybody
  4. Is held in high esteem
The authorities took him to task for his negligence.
  1. gave him additional work
  2. suspended his assignment
  3. reprimanded him
  4. forced him to resign
n his youth, he was practically rolling in money
  1. Spending more than his income
  2. Borrowing money liberally
  3. Very rich
  4. Wasting a lot of money
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