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She exclaimed with sorrow that was a very miserable plight.
  1. She said with sorrow, "What a pity it is."
  2. She said, "What a mystery it is."
  3. She said, "What a miserable sight it is."
  4. She said, "What a miserable plight it is."
He said to his father, "Please increase my pocket-money."
  1. He pleaded his father to please increase my pocket money.
  2. He told his father, "Please increase the pocket-money"
  3. He requested his father to increase his pocket-money.
  4. He asked his father to increase his pocket-money.
"Are you alone, my son?" asked a soft voice close behind me.
  1. A soft voice asked that what I was doing there alone.
  2. A soft voice said to me are you alone son.
  3. A soft voice from my back asked If I was alone.
  4. A soft voice behind me asked If I was alone.
. Nita ordered her servant to bring her cup of tea.
  1. Nita told her servant,
  2. Nita said,
  3. Nita said to her servant,
  4. Nita told her servant,
The boy said, "Who dare call you a thief?"
  1. The boy enquired who dared call him a thief.
  2. The boy told that who dared call him a thief.
  3. The boy asked who called him a thief.
  4. The boy wondered who dared call a thief.
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