General knowledge Material- all Competitive

Which one of the following waves cannot be polarized
  1. radio waves
  2. X-rays
  3. transverse waves in a string
  4. longitudinal waves in a gas
The main criterion of purity of an organic solid is
  1. water solubility
  2. melting point
  3. density
  4. crystalline nature
A neutron has approximately the same mass as a
  1. an alpha particle
  2. a beta particle
  3. an electron
  4. a proton
If speed is plotted along x-axis and kinetic energy against y-axis,then the graph obtained has a shape similar to that of
  1. circle
  2. ellipse
  3. hyperbola
  4. parabola
The raw materials for the commercial manufacture of DDT are
  1. Chlorobenzene and chloroform
  2. Chlorobenzene and chlorormethane
  3. Chlororbenzene and chloral
  4. . Chlorobenzene and iodoform
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