General knowledge Material- all Competitive

Allahabad bank which began operations in 1865 has its headquarters in
  1. goa
  2. kolkata
  3. pune
  4. mumbai
china has registered a strong protest on recent visit of his holiness Dalai Lama to arunachal pradesh. who is current indian ambassador to china
  1. vijay gokhale
  2. suresh kalmadi
  3. ajay mishra
  4. sunanda patil
the RBI has initiated PCA for IDBI in order to deal with NPA. So in this context what does PCA stands for?
  1. placement of corrupt assets
  2. prompt corrective aspects
  3. private corrective action
  4. None of these
when is world youth skills day celebrated?
  1. 15 july
  2. 15 september
  3. 21 august
  4. 11 august
_____________ is a collection of data values of same types having a common name.
  1. Object
  2. String
  3. Array
  4. Numbers
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