Class XII

Temperature and wind speed are measurements of what substance?
  1. air
  2. rock
  3. water
  4. weather
A calm, cloudless day with little wind usually means the next day will have what kind of weather?
  1. rain
  2. the same
  3. clouds
  4. wind
Several days with strong winds from the south usually mean what?
  1. hurricane
  2. a storm is likely
  3. hot weather
  4. cooler weather
The wind blows because air has weight. Which type of air has more weight?
  1. cold air
  2. warm air
  3. cold & warm air have the same weight
  4. None of the above
What are huge clumps of air that move around the Earth and bring change in weather?
  1. cold front
  2. warm front
  3. air masses
  4. tornadoes
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