Class XII

Which of the following metal solution cannot be prepared by Bredig’s arc method?
  1. Potassium
  2. Copper
  3. Platinum
  4. Gold
The activity of the iron catalyst used in Haber’s process is adversely affected due to presence of
  1. N2
  2. H2
  3. CO2
  4. CO
Which of the following processes does not involve a catalyst?
  1. Oswald process
  2. Haber process
  3. Contact process
  4. Thermite process
When 50 mL of 1M oxalic acid is mixed with 0.5 g of wood charcoal, the final concentration of the solution after adsorption is 0.5 M. The amount of the oxalic acid adsorbed per gram of charcoal is
  1. 6.30 g
  2. 3.15 g
  3. 4.5 g
  4. 1.25 g
Which is correct in case of Vander waals adsorption?
  1. High temperature , high pressure
  2. Low temperature, low pressure
  3. High temperature , low pressure
  4. Low temperature, high pressure
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