Class XII

The adsorbent used to adsorb the dye particles in the dying industry is
  1. Alum
  2. Activated charcoal
  3. Alumina gel
  4. Silica gel
Which among the following is an example of sorption?
  1. Ammonia on water
  2. Ammonia on charcoal
  3. Chalk dipped in ink
  4. Water on calcium chloride
The physical adsorption is due to
  1. Strong electrostatic forces of attraction
  2. Covalent bond
  3. Hydrogen bonding
  4. Vander waal’s forces
The example of heteropolar solution is
  1. Sulphur solution
  2. Starch solution in water
  3. Protein solution in water
  4. Rubber solution in water
Liquid – liquid solutions are known as
  1. Aerosols
  2. Emulsions
  3. Gel
  4. Foam
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