Class XII

Gross Profit Ratio and Net Profit Ratio is calculated under------------
  1. Profitability Ratios
  2. Solvency Ratio
  3. Liquidity Ratio
  4. Activity Ratio
While preparing Statement of Profit and Loss , net sales is Recorded as :
  1. Finance Cost
  2. Other Expenses
  3. Other income
  4. Revenue from operations
Loss on sale of investment is:
  1. Cost of material consumed
  2. Other expenses
  3. Amortisation Expense
  4. Depreciation
Liquid Ratio is also known as:
  1. Gross Profit Ratio
  2. Acid Test Ratio
  3. Current Ratio
  4. Debt Equity Ratio
Long term funds employed in the business are also known as________
  1. Investments
  2. Long term borrowings
  3. Capital Employed
  4. Share Capital
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