Class XII

While preparing Statement of P/L, Salaries and wages are shown under:
  1. Other Expenses
  2. Finance Cost
  3. Cost of material consumed
  4. Employee benefit expense
Vinod Limited takes loan from HDFC Bank of Rs.25 Lakhs which is to be paid in 15 years. Where will you show this loan amount in balance sheet?
  1. Current Liability
  2. Long Term Borrowings
  3. Reserve and Surplus
  4. Short Term Borrowings
Financial statement analysis is a ___________ of business transactions
  1. None of these
  2. Record
  3. Post Mortem
  4. Trend
Quick Assets do not include:
  1. Bank
  2. Inventories
  3. B/R
  4. Cash
Salaries and wages are shown under :
  1. Cost of material consumed
  2. Finance Cost
  3. Other Expenses
  4. Employee benefit expense
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