Class XII

Sacrificing ratio is calculated for :
  1. It is related to all partners
  2. It is related to new partners
  3. The old partners
  4. It is related to all partners (including new)
Is admission of a new partner a reconstitution of partnership firm:
  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. It is dissolution of firm
  4. It is called merger
The amount of goodwill brought in by the new partner is shared by the ____ partners in their ____ ratio
  1. All old partners in old ratio
  2. Gaining partner, gaining
  3. All partners (including new) in new ratio
  4. Sacrificing partners, sacrificing
Incoming partner may acquire his share from the old partners (i) In their old profit sharing ratio (ii) In a particular ratio (iii) In particular fraction from some of the partners In which of the above mentioned alternatives
  1. Only i and ii
  2. Only I and iii
  3. Only i
  4. All the three
Sacrifice ratio is used only for
  1. Revaluation of loss
  2. Revaluation profit
  3. Distribution of Premium for goodwill
  4. Distribution of Reserve
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