Class XII

The amount of goodwill brought in by the new partner is shared by the ____ partners in their ____ ratio
  1. All old partners in old ratio
  2. Gaining partner, gaining
  3. All partners (including new) in new ratio
  4. Sacrificing partners, sacrificing
At the time of admission of a new partner, the new partner acquires his share from the old partners in the:
  1. Sacrificing ratio
  2. New Ratio
  3. Gaining Ratio
  4. Old ratio
New profit sharing ratio means
  1. Partners will share future profits equally
  2. Two partner(including new) share future profit and losses
  3. All partner(including new) share future profit and losses in this new ratio
  4. All partner(excluding old) share future profit and losses
Why new profit ratio is determined even for old partners?
  1. Change in the agreement among all partners
  2. No change in agreement
  3. Due to change in external environment
  4. Ratio keeps on changing in every six month
X and Y are partners sharing profits in the ratio of 3:2. Z is admitted for 1/5 share. All partners have decided to share future profits equally. The profit of new partnership firm was Rs.30,000. This profit will be shared by all the partners in _______
  1. New Ratio
  2. Old Ratio
  3. Gaining Ratio
  4. Sacrificing Ratio
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