Class XII

How long will the people put up with the increasing economic hardships?
  1. welcome
  2. take easily
  3. remain satisfied with
  4. tolerate
He struck several bad patches before he made good.
  1. came across bad soil
  2. Had a bad time
  3. Went through many illness
  4. Had many professional difficulties
It is high time that India did something about the population problem.
  1. already late
  2. appropriate time
  3. desired occasion
  4. auspicious moment
The thief took to his heels when he saw a policeman on the beat.
  1. had some pain in his heels
  2. ran away from the scene
  3. confronted the policeman
  4. could not decide what to do
The accounts of the murder made her flesh creep.
  1. Made her sad
  2. Surprised her
  3. Made her cry bitterly
  4. Fill her with horror
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