Class XII

Leaching of gold is done by
  1. Metal silicate
  2. Metal hydroxide
  3. Metal sulphide
  4. Metal cyanide
An ore has impurities which are lighter than the ore. The process used for the concentration of ore is
  1. Hydraulic washing
  2. Magnetic separation
  3. Leaching
  4. Froth floatation
Metal halides are found in lakes and seas because
  1. They are insoluble in water
  2. They are heavier than water
  3. They are soluble in water
  4. They are lighter than water
The reducing agent used in the blast furnace to reduce haematite to iron is
  1. Carbon monoxide
  2. Carbon dioxide
  3. Carbon
  4. Silica
For obtaining high purity metals, which of the following methods of refining is preferred?
  1. Zone refining
  2. Poling
  3. Liquation
  4. Electrolytic method
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