Class XII

In the extraction of nickel by Mond’s process, the metal is obtained by
  1. Thermal decomposition
  2. Electrolytic reduction
  3. Electrochemical reduction
  4. Chemical reduction
Pyrometallurgy is the process of
  1. Reduction of the oxide to the metal
  2. Purification of ore
  3. Concentration of ore
  4. Conversion of ore to its oxide
Metals which occur in native state in nature
  1. Are not very reactive
  2. Have low density
  3. Do not form compounds
  4. Are very reactive
Metal which is found in free state is
  1. Copper
  2. Zinc
  3. Iron
  4. Gold
Which among the following statement is correct?
  1. metals are extracted from mineral
  2. all ores are minerals
  3. all minerals are ore
  4. a mineral cannot be an ore
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