Class XII

If the different financial data is analyzed and compared over a period of time it is called
  1. Intra firm analysis
  2. Statement of P/L
  3. Both Intra firm analysis and Inter firm analysis.
  4. Inter firm analysis
With the Permission of Registrar accounting period can be extended up to _____.
  1. 14 Months
  2. 13 Months
  3. 18 Months
  4. 15 Months
Which statement shows the sources related to the inflow and Outflow of cash
  1. Trend Analysis
  2. Cash Flow Statement
  3. Fund Flow Statement
  4. Ratio Analysis
Following items are the example of operating expenses except
  1. Bad debts and Provision for doubtful debts
  2. Loss on sale of fixed assets
  3. Selling and Distribution expenses
  4. Cash discount allowed to customers
Name the sub head under the head ‘Non-Current Liabilities’ (a) Long-term borrowings (b) long term provisions (c) short term borrowings (d) Trade payables (e) Deferred tax liabilities (f) short term provisions Choose one of the following options
  1. a, b, c, d
  2. b, c, d, e
  3. a, b, e
  4. a, b, c
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