Class XII

We are fortunate to have extremely ___________ and visionary leaders.
  1. competitive
  2. complex
  3. complaisant
  4. competent
She let her horse ________ in the field
  1. loosen
  2. loose
  3. loosely
  4. lose
I saw the woman whom you said lived next door.
  1. that you said live next door.
  2. who you said lived next door.
  3. which you said lived next door.
  4. No improvement
It is hoped that a _________ will be reached in the meeting.
  1. statement
  2. comparison
  3. compromise
  4. compression
Shakespeare is greater than any other poet.
  1. greater than many poets.
  2. greater as any other poet.
  3. greater than all poets.
  4. No improvement.
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