Class XII

Genetic material sometimes needs to leave the nucleus of the cell. This can be accomplished by using ________ to take messages to the outside of the nucleus.
  1. DNA
  2. CNA
  3. RNA
  4. none of the above
What was the name of the men who discovered that DNA is a double helix?
  1. Crick & Johnson
  2. Watson & Anderson
  3. Hershey & Chang
  4. Watson & Crick
The shape of the double helix looks like a
  1. razor blade
  2. twisted ladder
  3. round balloon
  4. triangle
The process of transferring genetic information from the nucleus into the cytoplasm where proteins are actually produced requires completion of two specialized steps called:
  1. transcription and translation
  2. DNA & RNA
  3. sugar & bases
  4. transcription
A section of DNA that codes for what type of proteins the organism will make are called _____________.
  1. proteins
  2. nucleic acids
  3. genes
  4. genetics
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