Class XII

A demand function shows
  1. Relationship between quantity demanded and price
  2. Relationship between quantity demanded and income only
  3. Relationship between quantity desired and factors affecting it
  4. Relationship between quantity demanded and factors affecting it
A movement along a given indifference curve is known as?
  1. Price effect
  2. Substitution effect
  3. Income effect
  4. None of above
Marginal utility can be written in terms of symbol as__________?
  1. MUn = TUn - TU n-1
  2. None of above
  3. MUn = TU n-1 - TUn
  4. MUn = TUn + TU n-1
MU1 + MU2 + ……..MUn represents?
  1. Total utility of a commodity
  2. Total marginal utility
  3. Total average utility
  4. None of the above
Which of the following is not true?
  1. Indifference curves slopes downward to the right
  2. Two indifference curve can be tangent to each other
  3. Indifference curves are convex to the origin
  4. Indifference curves cannot intersect each other
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