Class XII

Given alongside is the circuit diagram of an AM demodulator. For good demodulation of AM signal of carrier frequency f, the value of RC should be:
  1. RC = 1/f
  2. RC < 1/f
  3. RC = 1f
  4. RC >> 1/f
Which of these is an example of broadcast communication?
  1. FAX
  2. Radio
  3. Mobile
  4. Telephony
Frequencies in the UHF range normally propagate by means of :
  1. Sky waves
  2. Space waves
  3. Ground waves
  4. Surface waves
Transducer is a device that
  1. Converts high power to low power
  2. Converts low power to high power
  3. Converts non electrical signals to electrical signals
  4. Converts electrical signals to non electrical signals
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