Class XII

The water free from ions
  1. makes hair appear dull when washed with it
  2. helps in better absorption of dyes
  3. does not create froth
  4. produces scum with soap
To increase the storage life of butter, the ingredient added is
  1. Biothional
  2. Tetrazine
  3. Chloroxylenol
  4. BHT
A patient was suffering from severe pain after a major operation. To reduce his pain, the doctor administered
  1. Antihistamine
  2. Narcotic analgesic
  3. Non – narcotic analgesic
  4. Antibiotic
A deodorant is used to reduce body odour due to bacterial decomposition because it is an
  1. Antioxidants
  2. Antiseptic
  3. Perfume
  4. Antibiotic
Neurologically active drugs are
  1. Tranquilisers
  2. Antihistaminses
  3. Antibiotics
  4. Tranquilisers and Analgesics
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