Class XII

In the presence of a catalyst, the activation energy of a reaction is lowered by 2 kcal at 27oC. the rate of reaction will increase by
  1. 20 times
  2. 2 times
  3. 28 times
  4. 14 times
Time required for 100 percent completion of a zero order reaction is
  1. 2k/a
  2. a/2k
  3. a/k
  4. ak
Collision theory is applicable to
  1. Pseudo order reaction
  2. First order reaction
  3. Bimolecular reaction
  4. Zero order reaction
Reaction which takes place in one step is known as
  1. Unimolecular reaction
  2. Bimolecular reaction
  3. Elementary reaction
  4. Reaction rate
Which among the following is an example of first order reaction?
  1. Formation and dissociation of ozone
  2. Decomposition of nitrogen pentoxide
  3. Acid catalysed hydrolysis of ethyl acetate
  4. Inversion of cane sugar
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