Class XII

In the presence of a catalyst, the activation energy of a reaction is lowered by 2 kcal at 27oC. the rate of reaction will increase by
  1. 20 times
  2. 2 times
  3. 28 times
  4. 14 times
A reaction whose order is different from the actual due to large excess concentration of one of the reactants is called
  1. Zero order reaction
  2. First order reaction
  3. Second order reaction
  4. Pseudo – 1st order reaction
The substance that slows down the reaction without being consumed is known as
  1. Hormones
  2. Positive catalyst
  3. Catalysis
  4. Inhibitors
Study of rate of chemical reaction is known as
  1. Chemical change
  2. Chemical equilibrium
  3. Chemical kinetics
  4. Chemical thermodynamics
Which among the following is an instantaneous reaction?
  1. Rusting of iron
  2. Hydrolysis of starch
  3. Precipitation of silver chloride
  4. Burning of a log of wood
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