Class XII

The expression which relates the rate of reaction to the concentration of the reactants are called
  1. Rate constant
  2. Differential rate equation
  3. Rate law
  4. Half life
The minimum amount of energy required by the reacting molecules at the time of collisions in order to produce effective collisions is called
  1. Activation energy
  2. Internal energy
  3. Potential energy
  4. Threshold energy
The relationship between temperature and rate constant is given by the relation:k = Ae - Ea/RTk = Ae - Ea/RT A represent
  1. Activation energy
  2. Half life
  3. Rate constant
  4. Arrhenius factor
The role of catalyst in a chemical reaction is to change the
  1. Arrhenius factor
  2. Rate constant
  3. Activation energy
  4. Equilibrium constant
The rate of chemical reaction becomes double for every 10degree rise in temperature because of
  1. increase in activation energy
  2. decrease in activation energy
  3. increase in number of molecular collisions
  4. increase in number of activated molecules
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