Class XII

Interest on long term borrowings is an ____ relating to financial activities and shown as ______ of cash.
  1. Outflow, Income
  2. Income , Inflow
  3. Expense , Income
  4. Expense , Outflow
Purchase of plant and machinery will be _____________.
  1. Added in Investing Activities
  2. Added in Financing Activities
  3. Deducted in Financing Activities
  4. Deducted in investing activities
In a statement of cash flows (indirect method) a decrease in inventory should be reported as__________.
  1. An addition
  2. Not reported
  3. A deduction
  4. In investing activity
Which of the following is not considered with operating activities:
  1. Loss on sale of assets
  2. General Reserve
  3. Income tax
  4. Issue of Equity shares
Which of the following is concerned with financing activities?
  1. Sale of investment
  2. Income tax paid
  3. Rent Received
  4. Interest paid on long term loans
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