Class XII

The headquarter of Asian Development Bank is located in which of the following cities
  1. Jakarta
  2. Singapore
  3. Bangkok
  4. Manila
The highest rank in Army is that of
  1. Brigadier
  2. General
  3. Lieutenant General
  4. Major General
The main crops of Sikkim are
  1. rice, maize, bajra, wheat, barley, cardamom
  2. sugarcane, tobacco, wheat, rice,
  3. chillies, oilseeds, groundnut, pepper
  4. None of the above
The language spoken in Lakshadweep island is
  1. Malayalam
  2. Marathi
  3. Tamil
  4. Gujarati
The headquarter of a few agencies related to the UN are located in Vienna, which is in
  1. Austria
  2. Belgium
  3. Denmark
  4. Sweden
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