Class XII

The compound formed as a result of oxidation of ethyl benzene by KMnO4 is
  1. Benzoic acid
  2. Benzyl alcohol
  3. Acetophenone
  4. Benzophenone
Ketones are reduced to the corresponding alcohols by catalytic hydrogenation to form
  1. primary alcohols
  2. None of these
  3. secondary alcohols
  4. tertiary alcohols
The common name for pentanedioic acid is:
  1. glutaric acid
  2. succinic acid
  3. pimelic acid
  4. oxalic acid
Reduction of aldehydes and ketones into hydrocarbons using zinc amalgam and conc. HCl is called
  1. Cope reduction
  2. Clemmensen reduction
  3. Wolff – Kishner reduction
  4. Dow reduction
Ozonolysis of alkenes followed by reaction with zinc dust and water gives depending on the substitution pattern of the alkene
  1. aldehyde
  2. any of these
  3. a mixture of both aldehyde and ketone
  4. ketone
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