Class XII

A company can sell its shares only through___
  1. Only Newspapers
  2. Media
  3. Banks
  4. Stock Exchange
_______ is shown by way of deduction from subscribed capital while preparing notes to account.
  1. Share Forfeiture A/c
  2. Calls-in-advance
  3. Calls-in-arrears
  4. Dividend
A company cannot issue its share at _______
  1. Par
  2. Discount
  3. Both Discoun and Par
  4. Premium
__________ Shareholders have voting rights in all circumstances.
  1. Both Preference Share and Bonus Share
  2. Equity Share
  3. Bonus Share
  4. Preference Share
When the entire face value of a share is called by the company and is also paid by the shareholder, It is known as ______________
  1. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribed but not fully paid up capital
  2. Capital Reserve
  3. Subscribed and fully paid up capital
  4. Reserve Capital
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