Class XII

When does a company issue debentures as collateral security
  1. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When lender gives additional security
  2. When lender demands additional security
  3. When lender does not demands additional security
  4. When lender does not gives additional security
In Which account the balance of DRR is transferred after the redemption of debentures?
  1. General Reserve
  2. Securities Premium Reserves
  3. Debenture Redemption Reserve
  4. Capital Reserve
Interest on debentures will be paid to debenture holders _________
  1. When there is capital reserve
  2. Whether there is profit or loss
  3. When there is profit
  4. When a company is maintaining Reserve
Non-Convertible Debentures -----
  1. Cannot apply for interest
  2. Cannot be redeemed
  3. Cannot be converted into shares
  4. Cannot not be issued
While passing the journal entry for the purchase of assets from vendor which account should be credited
  1. Assets A/c
  2. Discount A/c
  3. Debenture A/c
  4. Vendor A/c
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