Class XII

Which of the following is not a regular method of redemption of debentures?
  1. Redemption by converting debentures into shares
  2. Redemption by paying Lump Sum amount
  3. Redemption by selling business
  4. Redemption by purchasing own debentures from the open market
A debentures is issued under the ________ of company
  1. Common seal
  2. Rules & Principles
  3. Registration
  4. Section 12 of Companies Act
Creation of DRR is compulsory in case of …….
  1. Banking Companies
  2. Convertible Debentures
  3. Non-Convertible Debentures
  4. All India Financial Institutions
Vinod Limited is engaged in a banking business and has to redeem its debentures worth ₹40,000 by paying a lump sum amount to the debenture holders. How much DRR company should create?
  1. No DRR is required
  2. 20,000
  3. 40,000
  4. 10,000
Which of the following is not correct?
  1. Debenture may or may not be secured
  2. Debenture of the company is issued with a fixed rate of interest
  3. Debenture is issued under the common seal of the company
  4. Debentures can be issued at maximum 25% discount
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